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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 10, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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news 4 at 4:00. >> it is so stressful to not know what you are doing next when people ask you, what are you doing and then they can't believe that you don't know what you're doing. >> shocker. the celebrity couple surprisingly calls it quits today. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. they are the very definition of power couple. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. he's a former republican governor. she's a movie star. >> and she's the niece of a former democratic president. and a respected journalist. much of her career here at nbc. now they say they are living apart, calling their separation amicable. nbc's miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: together saturday, former governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver attended their nephew's college graduation. the former first lady without her wedding ring just days before the official announcement
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of their separation. in a short joint statement, shriver and schwarzenegger sned part, after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. at this time, we are living apart, while we work on the future of our relationship. the couple has reportedly been separated for weeks. video of shriver last month showed her again without her wedding ring. >> like a lot of you, i'm in transition. >> reporter: and two months ago on youtube, she posted a video talking openly about transitions. the separation marks the end to one of the most popular, most powerful political couples in the country. the two married in 1986. schwarzenegger a body builder turned actor. shriver a member of the kennedy political dynasty who became a network news correspondent working for an extended time with nbc news. over the years, the couple had four children. but their life in hollywood -- >> i'll be back.
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>> -- was destined for politics. in 2003, schwarzenegger ran for state office. >> i am going to run for governor of the state of california. >> on the campaign trail, shriver defended her husband who was accused of groping women during his time as an actor. >> you can listen to people who have never met arnold or who met him for five seconds 30 years ago or you can listen to me. i advise you to listen to me. this year, the couple faced drastic change as well as deep personal tragedy. in january, schwarzenegger left office while just weeks later shriver lost her father, sargent shriver. in recent months, the former governor pursued work in hollywood as the former first lady remained devoted to women's issues. publicly, there seemed to be little reason to suspect a split. two weeks ago today, schwarzenegger and shriver marked their 25th wedding anniversary. >> it was sort of an example,
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maybe the ultimate example of a political marriage. here were two people who, despite their differences, made it work. and that story was a very attractive one. it would be sad to lose it. >> reporter: another high-profile separation came almost exactly a year ago now. former vice president al gore and his wife tipper split last june after more than 40 years of marriage. their divorce has not been finalized. marital experts say both couples are part of a trend. long married baby boomers breaking up in record numbers. >> they've even coined a term for this trend, twilight divorces. there are several possible factors at work. one is the economy. lawyers at the family law firm called smoelen and plewey in vienna say there's a direct correlation between an improving economy and an increase in the number of divorces. >> converse three, financial stress caused by the troubled economy in the last few years has put too much pressure on other couples.
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>> major life changes such as job loss or the death of a parent can add stress to a long-term union. >> there's also the empty nest syndrome. many couples stay together for the sake of their children and once the kids graduate high school or college, the parents decide to move on. >> and finally, longer life spans are also a factor. now that 65 is the new 50, some couples, especially those who married young, feel as if they've missed out on some life experiences. and they decide simply to start new chapters in their lives. >> well, 77 is the number we've got right outside. that's the mercury. >> and it's been a really nice day out there. veronica, is it going to stay like this? >> is t is for at least a few more days. then the pattern changes. what a pattern change it's going to be. today is our sixth really nice day and the fifth time here -- the fifth day in a row we've had temperatures in the 70s. let's take a look at what's going on. high clouds through the area. temperatures currently, folks
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around tacoma park and cleveland park here now at 74 degrees. franconi and oakland, 73. over in prince george's county. and montgomery county at 75 degrees. a light wind right now. primarily out of the east and southeast. the radar is quiet. now tomorrow we could see a few showers well off to the west of our area. we're going to pick up a few clouds later on tonight. so we'll go from a mostly sunny or mostly clear sky to a partly cloudy sky by, i think, 11:00 p.m. and midnight. and temperature from the mid-70 tos the low 60s by the time we get to 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. so another terrific evening for us. we'll have a warmer day coming our way tomorrow. and nice for how much longer? i'll tell you coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thanks, veronica. >> the mississippi river has crested in memphis at nearly 48 feet. that's just shy of an all-time record. but enough to leave chunks of the city under water.
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it could take days or even weeks for waterlogged communities to dry out. meanwhile, people living further down the mississippi are getting ready for the next round. jay gray has the latest from memphis. >> while the crest has come in memphis, relief has not. >> we're not back to normal. it will be awhile. and so now we have to use a lot of prudence and a lot of patience as we move toward recovery. >> reporter: the recovery will take some time. neighborhoods here could be filled with water for weeks. >> our mission has not ended as the water recedes. matter of fact, there's a new phase of that mission and that's making sure the people stay healthy and that they know to stay out of the river and the slime. >> reporter: when the time is right, residents here say they will be ready to get back in and get to work. >> it's a bunch of tough-skins people here. >> reporter: down river the water is building. >> it's just coming. it's coming fast. >> reporter: rushing the casinos in tunica, mississippi.
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the city's main source of income will be lost for a month or more. crews are working on levees in vicksburg, reinforcing them with five miles of plastic sheeting as they brace for what's to come. and families there are packing up and pulling out. >> we're just going to get out. >> reporter: as the floodwaters continue to move in. and all of this water won't be moving out any time soon. it will likely be two weeks or more before those forced from their homes will be able to get back inside to see what the floods may have left behind. in memphis, jay gray, news 4. redskins defensive lineman alletter haynesworth said he did not grope a waitress and he'll try to prove that in court. haynesworth did not appear in court. he entered a not guilty plea through his attorney. he's accused of slighting his credit card into the bra of a pate res at the "w" hotel and groping her during a birthday
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party at the hotel back in february. haynesworth's legal team says that's not what happened and they have witnesses to prove it. the trial is set to start july 11th. now to the latest on the death of osama bin laden. house speaker john boehner says the killing of the al qaeda leader provides a make or break moment for u.s./pakistani relations. nbc's peter alzander reports from pakistan. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell nbc news, pakistan is prepared to give american intelligence officers access to osama bin laden's three widows. or to their information gathered from the interrogations. one new report suggests the children who have been living inside bin laden's compound, at least 15 by most accounts, were home schooled. those children all survived the raid. on monday, pakistan's prime minister galani addressed his nation for the first time since the u.s. operation. calling allegations that's pakistani authorities were either complicit or incompetent absurd.
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>> no other country in the world and no other security agency has done so much to interdict al qaeda than the isi and our armed forces. >> reporter: u.s. officials confirm pakistani claims that early on, pakistan intelligence did help the u.s. track down bin laden's trusted courier. still, tensions between the two countries are mounting with the alleged outing of the cia's top operative in pakistan last week. apparently intended to undermine america's covert activities here. and this morning, the guardian newspaper, one of britain's most respects papers is reporting a secret deal between the u.s. and pakistan ten years ago. that would allow the u.s. to conduct a unilateral raid in pakistan if they knew where bin laden was hiding. afterwards, both sides reportedly agreed that pakistan would protest the operation publicly. peter alexander, nbc news, islamabad. this afternoon, former pakistani president musharraf said he never struck a deal with the united states to let american special forces kill or capture bin laden inside
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pakistan. well, we've got some traffic woes in montgomery county. >> let's check it out with ashley linder. >> hey, guys. it's a beautiful afternoon out there. weatherwise, not so beautiful on the roads. we are starting off with big delays. let's dive into the capital beltway. inner and outer loop, very busy. headed up towards the river road interchange. both sides are very heavy. but sticking with the inner loop, more delays passing old georgetown and solid as you continue toward silver spring. here's the pace past connecticut. onward toward university, a bit of a lineup to make the exit on to 95 in college park. to 70 northbound, a patch of slow traffic at montgomery village. up towards clarksburg. as we travel along 95 out of virginia, this camera shot is a little misleading. center is the hov. they are doing just find.
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just beyond camera shot, delays from main line drivers, lorton to 123 and then more delays toward the hov merge at dumphries. al pacino plans on going gangster for his latest flick. and one network is betting you'll watch. >> plus, a pet monkey in virginia is now behind bars after what it did to its owner.
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> well, you know her on "morning joe" on msnbc. mika brzezinski is also an author. she's out with her second book entitled "knowing your value: women, money and getting what you are worth." mika is with us now on news 4. welcome. congratulations on your book. >> thanks for having me, pat. >> tell us what it's all about? >> well, about 3 1/2 years ago when the show was launched officially, i was sitting around the table, a table of guys and i realized i was the lowest paid at the table. in some cases by far. and my co-host was actually
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making 14 times more than me. and the book really chronicles our very unconventional journey to fix that. joe plays a major role in fixing it, but i talked to a lot of other women and some men as well about this problem and there is some incredible strains, parallels and different narratives that came through and were stunning to me. in terms of how we undermine our own value, we, women, at the negotiating table. and you know, we're here. we've made it to all levels of the professional world. we've broken almost all of the glass ceilings, but we're not getting paid our value. and this book looks at how we can do better at that for ourselves. >> mika, what's the best advice you can give to women who are in careers and jobs that they love but they realize that they have to walk this fine line? >> i wouldn't go get fired tomorrow and take one message away. i would read the book. but i will say this. don't apologize.
4:16 pm
we start out in this business and this business as a great magnified version of other industries, feeling so lucky to be here. you know, we get our first shot on the air and we wonder if someone is going to discover that we're frauds, you know, and you kind of are scrambling for that opportunity. and by the time we get our sea legs we have babies and come back and we're scrambling again because we feel so lucky to be there. we get this pattern in our minds and that pattern translates at the negotiating table. whether you are using an agent or some sort of representative or yourself. we don't know our value. we still feel so lucky to be here. pat, we are so here. it is time we get paid for it. >> and you can meet mika brzezinski and get your book signed tomorrow night at 7:00. she's going to be right here in washington, d.c., at sixth and i streets northwest. retiring talk show host regis philbin has a memoir coming out this fall. >> yeah, philbin says it to be a
4:17 pm
reflection on his television career. he plans to include stories about his current co-host kelly ripa and her predecessor kathie lee gifford. he'll also share anecdotes about george clooney. >> philbin is now 79. she announced in january he'll be leaving his long-running morning talk show by the end of the year. >> so much change. >> yes, indeed. youtube will soon be adding thousands of new videos to watch. the website owned by google is expanding its online video rental store adding 3,000 more films. youtube began offering independent movies about a year and a half ago but now the company is trying to compete with services like pay-per-view offering movie rentals around the same time they are released on dvds. rentals are currently $2 to $4. one of america's favorite big screen gangsters has been cast in a new movie all about the gotti mob family. al pacino will be starring in "gotti three generations." he plays a top member of the
4:18 pm
gambino crime family and will join the big screen with john travolta who plays john gotti sr. the two share a father and son relationship in the movie. the cast also includes actors lindsay lohan, joe pesci and kelly preston. no word yet on when this movie will be released. bristol palin is getting ready to star in her own reality tv show. >> the 20-year-old daughter of former alaska governor and republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin is ditching her arizona digs for l.a. now. she's moving in with disney channel star kylie massey and her brother chris. they became friends while contestants on "dancing with the stars." cameras will document palin's life as a single mom and professional life working at a small charity. they've ordered ten half-hour episodes of the documentary series debuting at the end of the year. >> so we'll see if it's as
4:19 pm
popular as -- >> her dancing run was. >> her dancing run, yes. "dancing with the stars." got a lot of eyeballs on that one. coming up, which diet plan is the best? consumer reports dishes on the best program. plus, with more and more kids playing video games and glued to the tv these days, there's a new education game in the classroom used in the district and in maryland. we'll tell you all about that.
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d.c. is getting tough on litterbugs. a new pilot program out is under way in parts of wards 4 and 5 that will subject litterers to $75 fines. and the possible arrest. but is this effort to clean up just too aggressive? we're joined by dan silverman of the blog, prince of petworth. he's one of our list of 20. what are your twitter followers telling you? >> this is one of the very rare instances where about 98% of them are in support. i think people are just so frustrated of spending so much time beautifying their areas that they are willing to try anything to stop this littering.
4:23 pm
>> interesting. and we're not talking about, you know, big dumping of items. we're talking about cigarette butts, cups and gum wrappers? >> exactly. you know, one of the most frustrating things that people who live in many of these neighborhoods feel is when they are sitting on their porch or walking down the street and they see a car pass by and somebody just sticks their hand out the window and drops a bag of mcdonald's. it's a very, very frustrating sight to see this constant littering. >> so do you think fines and arrests potential is enough to deter people? >> i think it's going to depend on enforcement. we hear about it. we hear about it. we hear about it. but until somebody is actlly paying $75 or maybe until somebody is arrested, then we won't know. but this is an instance that can be improved. you know, we face a lot of problems in our neighborhoods with crime and drug dealing and
4:24 pm
violence. and we think that this is one that should actually be relatively easy to fix. >> dan silverman of the blog prince of petworth. thanks so much. we appreciate it. and you can join in the discussion. fuls at nbcwashington on twitter. also follow me, jim handly. and if you'd like to see more voices leading the local conversations go to our well, if you were out there today picking up trash or throwing it out, it's a great day to be outdoors. >> it's a great day. it's amazing we've had this stretch of dry weather for a while. jim was talking about the fact he's been sneezing. the polelen count, it's higher than it was yesterday. so we're likely to see that count peak some time on thursday or friday. if you are looking for the number, it's at 1,057 grains per cubic meter. contributing trees, birch, oak,
4:25 pm
ash and mulberry. let's take a look at the temperature. 74. again, seasonable. tomorrow we could see a slightly higher temperature through the area. the dew point at 42 degrees. relative humidity 32% with a very light wind that's primarily out of the east. we've had a southeast wind and northeast wind. so you can see the cooler readings from annapolis toward leonardtown. inland locations about 73 to 74 degrees at this hour. so during the overnight period, a little weak disturbance just passing down to the south and west of us. that will give us a few clouds. i think it will be a partly cloudy sky by 11:00 p.m. and midnight, 60 degrees. you'll start your day tomorrow at 52. and then 54 degrees by 7:00 a.m. again, with a partly cloudy sky. so the radar is quiet throughout the area. a little later on tonight, spots around here, 64. and then by, i think, tomorrow morning, maybe around stafford, maybe the northern, that could
4:26 pm
have an isolated shower. off to the west is where the bigger rains are. a warm front is sparking some showers and storms. and several severe thunderstorm watches up for kentucky down to western north carolina. until 11:00 p.m. there's that warm front on the other side. the heat, it's building. making its way to the east and northeast. spots like chicago, minneapolis, running some 10 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. so we're going to get a little higher temperatures tomorrow. take a look at it. that front barely moves. for us, another mostly sunny day coming our way tomorrow. we'll probably pick up a few more clouds during the afternoon, too. and then on thursday, same thing. mostly sunny sky with, again, more of the same as long as that weather front stays off to the west of our area. here's a look at your forecast from the 70s, 71 to 64 degrees for your evening. for tomorrow morning, 44 to 52. so we'll have another great start and another fantastic afternoon. 71 to 76 degrees. we'll get your four-day
4:27 pm
forecast. it's friday when we could have an isolatsd shower. and then a pretty wet period for saturday, for sunday, and going into the early part of next week. we'll talk about that a little bit more later. but this nice stretch at least for another two days. >> it's great. >> thanks, veronica. >> we've got some breaking news happening in prince george's county at this hour. a child has been hit by an suv. these are live pictures from chopper 4. this is at the intersection of martin luther king jr. highway and gondar avenue. >> the child was in critical condition and taken to the hospital. the driver did stay on the scene. we'll bring you more as we get it. again, these live pictures from prince george's county in seat pleasant. still to come at 4:00 -- prince william and his princess escape the paparazzi to go on a honeymoon. a hollywood actress takes the cake when it comes to a very strange baby name.
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you're watching nbc 4. washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is "news 4 at 4:00." >> welcome back to "news 4 at 4:00." i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. the swollen mississippi river crested overnight in memphis. while it did not reach record levels, flooding has still left a huge mess in the city's low-lying neighborhoods. it would take two to three weeks for the waters to recede. >> the case of a sex abuse charge against albert
4:31 pm
haynesworth is going to trial. the washington lineman waifed his right to appear in court today but entered a not guilty plea through his attorney. he's accused of groping a waitress at the rooftop bar at the w hotel in northwest earlier this year. a trial has been set for july 11th. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver announced that after 25 years of marriage, they're separating. the couple is not giving many details about their split, only saying they are going through a transnition their lives. the couple has four children between the ages of 13 and 21. >> solid advances on wall street today. the third positive day in a row. the dow closed up 75 points to end the day at 12,760. the nasdaq was up 28 points to finish at 2871 and the s&p 500 closed up to end at 1357. well, plenty of wagers have been placed in great britain on the timing and setting of the royal couple's honeymoon. both have remained a very closely guarded secret.
4:32 pm
>> that is until now. palace officials have confirmed that prince william and his bride catherine have finally left for their honeymoon. the notoriously curious british media ferreted out the rest of the story. here's mike taibbi. >> the royal wedding was seen by billions worldwide and covered by more cameras and international press than any other event in television history. but there was one question no one could answer. where will william and kate be going on their honeymoon. the answer according to the british tabloids is the seychelles. it's a prime tourist destination and one they visited before in 2007. the islands have always had a special meaning for the couple. was there their reconciliation happened. he whisked her away. it's also there a lot of promises were made in terms of their future relationship. >> william and kate both enjoy soaking up the rays and have a
4:33 pm
passion for water sports. the seychelles are the perfect place for scuba diving. throughout the exhaustive wedding coverage, the betting was either an island in the caribbean, a safari in kenya or even an island in greece. but in the end it appears the couple showed them to be lovers of the sun and the sea chose the sun and the sea of the seychelles. there are reports they left for their royal honeymoon yesterday and will be gone for perhaps ten days. and even though the seychelles are a place that values and protects privacy you can bet over the next ten days, there are a lot of people with cameras who will try to join the royal couple or get close enough to take a couple of snaps. mike taibbi, nbc news in london. >> i'd like that assignment. a little too late. >> i'd love to just visit that place. looks like paradise. celebrities have sort of turned naming their babies into a game these days. the game of who can come up with
4:34 pm
the most bizarre name. >> alicia silverstone and her husband may have won that contest. they had a boy last week. his name is bear blu jereki. silverstone hasn't said how she and her musician husband christopher jereki got the name bear blu. >> is there a little tension in the room right now? >> no tension. >> whoo! >> it's every single for themselves. the battle round kicks off tonight on nbc's new hit "the voice." singers from each team go head-to-head singing the same song. then the celebrity coaches have to slash their teams in half to just four singers each. that's on "the voice" tonight at 10:00. >> judge christina aguilera had the voice when she was just a child. coming up right after the voice on news 4 at 11:00 tonight, the singer opens up about her
4:35 pm
personal hits and the misses. >> for anyone worried about getting into that summer swimsuit, consumer reports is just out today with its diet plan rankings. and score one for the microwave meals. >> yes, jenny craig finished far ahead of the competition. it pairs kouming with precaccaged portion controlled meals. consumer reports cited a study of the journal of the american medical association that found most of the women on the plan stuck with it. losing about 8% of their body weight. >> overall, none of the plans was given poor marks. the atkins diet finished down on the list and so did zone diet. >> weight watchers and its famed points system came in third place. it says consumer reports shouldn't have based its jenny craig findings on a study that gave out free food. weight watchers says that's not a real life scenario. it also notes its new points system was unveiled too late to be judged. overall, none of the plans were
4:36 pm
given poor marks. the atkins diet, for example, finished down on the list and so did the zone as you indicated earlier. if you are searching for the best place to do business over lunch, we've got a list for you. >> zagat's survey just released its top five power lunch spots for washingtonians. the bistro central followed by charlie palmer steak, the monocle, prime rib and tosca where the first couple just went for a date night. these restaurants are occupational must-haves. microsoft continued its push to become an internet and smartphone force by buying skype monday. the software company bought the internet telephone service for $8.5 billion. it's the biggest deal in the softwaremaker's 36-year history. skype has about 663 million users worldwide. many people use skype's free
4:37 pm
calling services which has made it difficult to make money since the company launched back in 2003. big setback this afternoon in the casey anthony murder trial. the judge dismissed the entire jury pool. the decision to dismiss the jurors came after the judge discovered that one of the potential jurors is also listed as a witness. and several potential jurors admitted to discussing the case while waiting in the jury room. the judge has new requests now. he wants a new pool of potential jurors. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee back in 2008. there is much more to come this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00. it's no monkey business. an owner loses its pet after a late night attack. plus it was a sex scandal that rocked a big 10 campus. the university's decision on a controversial class.3q copd makes it hard to breathe so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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popular human sexuality class at northwestern university that included a live sex toy demonstration has now been canceled. >> attendance was not required at the after-class demo, and the
4:41 pm
professor warned students it was going to be graphic. but a live sex demo at the school that cost more than 40 grand didn't sit well with parent and alumni. northwestern officials supported the professor at first but then days later launched an investigation into the incident. the professor remains on staff, meanwhile, and is expected to be teaching other courses next year. monkey's life as a house pet has come to an abrupt end after attacking its owner. >> sammy is a 7-year-old 30-pound monkey. animal control officers say the monkey bit his owner's nose and arm after the owner accidentally rolled over on the animal. >> after spending ten days in quarantine, sammy is now in a new home. the owner turned him and a female monkey over to an animal education system. >> we saw one on the front lawn about a week ago. chewed up half my script. their bite is a lot bigger than they are sometimes. bu night ahead, including
4:42 pm
a hometown girl with a country sound. >> here's wendy rieger with a preview. >> lots coming up tonight on nbc washington nonstop. at 7:00, i will be joining liz crenshaw for "daily connection." at 9:00, nonstop foodies d.c. hot jum balleta. we are getting a test of new orleans at the bayou bakery. then nonstop scene d.c. she's making a name for herself in nashville. marget duranti still loves performing at home. how she's standing out from the crowd tonight on nbc washington nonstop. >> and when news 4 at 4:00 continues, changing the way students educate students. mixing video games and math. plus, they are unsuspecting thieves. older women wearing unusual hats. the very expensive crime spree the very expensive crime spree straight[ horns honking ]
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[ whistle blows ] [ male announcer ] can the network you live on handle the computers, tvs and technology you can't live without? ♪
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verizon fios can. get the power and speed of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> so how long are we going to be in this groove? >> in the nice groove? in the dry groove? at least through the rest of the week. that should put smiles on at least many folks' faces. but the weekend, the weekend not looking so great. let's take a look outside and see what's going on. we've got sunshine throughout the area. temperatures currently are in the low and mid-70s throughout. reagan national, 74 degrees. a light wind out of the east at 3 miles per hour.
4:46 pm
and you are now 74 degrees. damascus, bethesda, even wheaton, 75 just north of us. tyson's corner at 73. into prince george's county, also 73 degrees. brandywine and ft. washington at this hour where it's right at 4:45. dry conditions on the radar. later tonight, well down to the south around harrisonburg, i-64, maybe even the northern neck by tomorrow morning there may be a few isolated showers making their way through. we'll be starting off between 52 and 54 degrees at 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. so we're going to pick smup clouds during the overnight. here's what's going on. low pressure off the coast and a weather system well off to the west of us. that's on the other side. and outside west virginia. so we are in between. we'll stay in this dry zone. we'll pick up some high clouds. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. most of the area will see mostly sunny sky. by the time we get to the afternoon, partly sunny conditions and then some clouds
4:47 pm
coming in later. from the mid-40 tos 50 degrees to start your day to a high of 75 degrees tomorrow. that's slightly higher than what we saw today. 76 on thursday. an isolated shower on friday with a high of 75 degrees. and then it's rain for not only saturday, but also sunday. saturday and sunday, have highs around 70 to 73 degrees. this wet pattern now once it goes, all that wet stuff off to the west of us it gets here and sticks around into the early part of next week. >> thanks, veronica. eight hours a day. that's not the average amount of time spent at work. it's the amount of time our kids spend in front of tvs and computer screens. >> that includes playing video games. and today's education nation, inside reporter lily jamali shows us how one teacher is putting that gaming time good use. >> reporter: at ps-31 in new york, something unusual is happening. kids choose to spend their lunch break in the classroom.
4:48 pm
studying math with the help of an educational video game. randy tejada teaches seventh grade math in one of new york's toughest neighborhoods. a gamer himself, he's got his students playing, too. >> they are playing at home. i can go online and see they are playing online. they are spending hours practicing. it's incredible. >> reporter: the aim of the game called dimension you is to make math fun. offering incentives like superspeed and teleport powers. educators say these perks entice kids into practicing what they learn in the classroom. >> one of the biggest problems in education is actually getting the attention of a child in the first place. the classrooms have become such the opposite of the way in which they are used to interact the information. >> the game was first introduced in 2007 in 13 schools, including some here in new york city. today, it's in 1200 schools around the country. one study showed students who played dimension over 18 weeks saw math test scores increase twice as much as those who
4:49 pm
didn't. two years after it was introduced at tejada's school, half the kids play. >> i never knew there could be a fun game that is actually educational. everyone is always saying video games will rot your mind. they're wrong. >> turning math into a video game and learning to score points in school. >> minus negative 7 -- >> where it really counts. lily jamali, nbc news, new york. >> the video game dimension you is played in d.c. and in maryland. for making a difference in the classroom, to making a difference on the streets, tonight on nbc "nightly news" how one rapper turned activist is making it a little less of a dog eat, dog world. that's ahead after news 4 at 6:00. coming up on "news 4 at 4:00" -- the washington wizards roll back the clock with their new uniforms. plus, these women strut their stuff trying to make an elite team. we'll introduce you to them. coming up at 5:00, your next
4:50 pm
trip to the airport could be more expensive. why drivers may be forced to foot the bill for a controversial construction project. albert haynesworth is a no-show in court but his attorney is talking. what he is saying after the redskin player was arraigned on a sexual abuse charge. an exclusive red carpet invite inside china's new chancery in northwest. barbara harrison guideses us through what has become a celebration in the art world. it's also a history making event that you'll only she on news 4 t[ male announcer ] want tos 4 achieve more with your money?
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all right. here we go. this is a step ahead, maybe a step back, too. take a look at the new washington wizards' uniforms. they modeled the team's new uniforms that look like the washington bullets uniforchls yesteryear. the home color is white. the jersey says wizards in navy type. the road color is red. it says washington on the jersey. team owner ted lionsa says they'll look even better when the wizards are a really good team. hear, hear. what do you think? wow. >> it's beginning to look a little bit like christmas at one new york studio. hundreds of dancers auditioned to join the rockettes today. they need tap, jazz, ballet and
4:54 pm
modern dance experience and the ability to do those high kicks, of course. those who make the cut will join the company that's been part of radio city's christmas spectacular since way back in 1933. >> coming up on news 4 at 4:00 -- the search for a female pick-pocketing team made up of older women wearing hats.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
in michigan, police are on
4:57 pm
the hunt for an unlikely gang of thieves. the suspects are a group of middle-aged, older women who target shoppers. but they have something nels common. big hats. john yang explains. >> reporter: in the detroit area, police have a word of warning. beware of grannies wearing hats. they say a gang of at least five older looking women have made off with as much as $500,000. >> all wearing hats of different styles. maybe to draw attention away from their physical features and more people will more look at the hats they are wearing rather than their face? they call them the mad hatters because that's one thing tying them together. big white sun hats. floppy black hats, one that looks like a weekend fisherman's hat. police say that may be the key to their success so far. they hardly look like arch criminals. they focus on female shoppers taking purses and wallets left
4:58 pm
unattended in shopping carts and baby strollers. in addition to cash, they have used the stolen credit cards and checkbooks to wrack up some big ticket purchases. >> one bank has suffered -- i was told up to almost $200,000. >> police say the security camera video shows one of them making her getaway. in the past year, there have been more than two dozen incidents in five different counties. >> that particular agent bracket and gender are maybe viewed as being a little more trustworthy. >> that was john yang reporting. now police say the person caught on camera stealing the wall set not always the same one who is caught on camera using it a short time later. that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is "news 4 at 5:00."
4:59 pm
>> please send someone. my mother needs help. >> sir, i need you to calm down. they're already on their way. >> the frantic 911 call just released. how a do-it-yourself project leveled this maryland home and landed the couple in the hospital. >> also tonight, why you could be forced to fork over cash to use a road that's free right now. a political power couple calling it quits after 25 years of marriage. what led up to the split between arnold and maria? >> and good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. we begin with breaking news from prince george's county. police tell us a 5-year-old girl is dead tonight after being struck by a car near the intersection of martin luther king highway and gondar navy seat pleasant. >> this accident happened about 3:15 this afternoon. the driver of the car did stay on the scene. police are still investigating to figure out what happened. >> no word yet on whether any charges will be filed in this case. we hav


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